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Three referees and four linesmen were selected as on-ice officials for the Winter Olympics, which begin Feb. 13 in Nagano, Japan.

The referees are Mark Faucette, Kerry Fraser and Bill McCreary and the linesmen are Gord Broseker, Kevin Collins, Gerard Gauthier and Ray Scapinello. Also, NHL referee Dan Marouelli and linesman Brian Murphy were selected as alternate officials.

The rest of the Olympic officiating staff will be comprised of six referees and nine linesmen from the International Ice Hockey Federation.

A six-man officiating committee will select officials for each Olympic game. The members of the committee are NHL director of officiating Bryan Lewis, Bob Nadin of Canada, Jarmo Jalarvo of Finland, Dag Ollsen of Sweden, Viktor Kozin of Russia and Joseph Kampalla of Germany.

Each game will probably have a combination of NHL and IIHF on-ice officials.

"I'm confident that the dedication of our officials to their Olympic preparations will be most evident during this hockey showcase event," Lewis said. "The NHL officials view their selection with the same honor and excitement as that of the players."

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