1998 Olympic Hockey Schedule
Prelim. RoundFeb 7Italy-Kazakhstan
Prelim. RoundFeb 7Austria-Slovakia
Prelim. RoundFeb 7Germany-Japan
Prelim. RoundFeb 7France-Belarus
Round RobinFeb 8Finland-Sweden (women)
Prelim. RoundFeb 8Austria-Kazakhstan
Round RobinFeb 8Japan-Canada (women)
Prelim. RoundFeb 8Slovakia-Italy
Round RobinFeb 8USA-China (women)
Round RobinFeb 9Japan-Finland (women)
Prelim. RoundFeb 9Germany-Belarus
Round RobinFeb 9Sweden-USA (women)
Prelim. RoundFeb 9Japan-France
Round RobinFeb 9China-Canada (women)
Prelim. RoundFeb 10Belarus-Japan
Prelim. RoundFeb 10Kazakhstan-Slovakia
Prelim. RoundFeb 10Italy-Austria
Prelim. RoundFeb 10France-Germany
Round RobinFeb 11Canada-Sweden (women)
Round RobinFeb 11China-Japan (women)
Round RobinFeb 11Finland-USA (women)
13th vs. 14thFeb 12Japan-Austria
Round RobinFeb 12Sweden-China (women)
11th vs. 12thFeb 12Italy-France
Round RobinFeb 12Japan-USA (women)
9th vs. 10thFeb 12Slovakia-Germany
Round RobinFeb 12Canada-Finland (women)
Final RoundFeb 13Sweden-USA
Final RoundFeb 13Czech Rep.-Finland
Final RoundFeb 13Belarus-Canada
Final RoundFeb 13Russia-Kazakhstan
Round RobinFeb 14Sweden-Japan (women)
Final RoundFeb 14USA-Belarus
Round RobinFeb 14China-Finland (women)
Final RoundFeb 14Canada-Sweden
Round RobinFeb 14USA-Canada (women)
Final RoundFeb 15Finland-Russia
Final RoundFeb 15Kazakhstan-Czech Rep.
Final RoundFeb 16USA-Canada
Final RoundFeb 16Russia-Czech Rep.
Final RoundFeb 16Kazakhstan-Finland
Final RoundFeb 16Belarus-Sweden
Bronze Medal GameFeb 17Finland-China (women)
Gold Medal GameFeb 17USA-Canada (women)
Quarter FinalFeb 18Russia-Belarus
Quarter FinalFeb 18Canada-Kazakhstan
Quarter FinalFeb 18USA-Czech Rep.
Quarter FinalFeb 18Finland-Sweden
Semi FinalFeb 20Canada-Czech Rep.
Semi FinalFeb 20Finland-Russia
Bronze Medal GameFeb 21Canada-Finland
Gold Medal GameFeb 22Russia-Czech Rep.

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