Eastern Conference Semifinals


1998 Playoffs

NHL teams

Washington Capitals

Capitals regular season

Capitals transactions

Capitals roster

Ottawa Senators

Senators regular season

Senators transactions

Senators roster

Regular season:
No.4 Washington 40-30-12
No.8 Ottawa 34-33-15

Season series:
Ottawa, 3-1

Power play:
Washington 15.7% (13th)
Ottawa 12.8% (22nd)

Penalty killing:
Washington 89.2% (1st)
Ottawa 84.5% (17th)

The Caps exorcised old demons by not blowing a 3-1 lead in a playoff series and all the sudden they are the team to beat as the highest seed left in the Eastern Conference. Peter Bondra's condition looms big over the series that also features a real goaltending duel with two hot goalies. Olie Kolzag vs. Damian Rhodes, both have played brilliantly but Olie the Goalie's experience might give him an edge.

Washington vs. Ottawa
Game 1, 4-2, box score
Game 2, 6-1, box score
Game 3, 3-4, box score
Game 4, 2-0, box score
Game 5, 3-0, box score
Washington wins series, 4-1

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