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Eastern Conference Final


1998 Playoffs

NHL teams

Washington Capitals

Capitals regular season

Capitals transactions

Capitals roster

Buffalo Sabres

Sabres regular season

Sabres transactions

Sabres roster

Regular season:
No.4 Washington 40-30-12
No.6 Buffalo 36-29-17

Season series:
Even, 2-2

Power play:
Washington 15.7% (13th)
Buffalo 12.9% (19th)

Penalty killing:
Washington 89.2% (1st)
Buffalo 84.3% (18th)

This series figures to be a real goaltending duel. The Dominator vs. Olie the Goalie. Dominik Hasek is the unorthodox goalie with a motto: "Whatever it takes to stop the puck." And it works! Olaf Kolzig on the other hand is technically sound and has mental toughness to be patient.

Washington vs. Buffalo
Game 1, 0-2, box score
Game 2, 3-2, box score
Game 3, 4-3, box score
Game 4, 2-0, box score
Game 5, 1-2, box score
Game 6, 3-2, box score
Washington wins series, 4-2
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