Eastern Conference Semifinals


1998 Playoffs

NHL teams

Buffalo Sabres

Sabres regular season

Sabres transactions

Sabres roster

Montreal Canadiens

Senators regular season

Senators transactions

Senators roster

Regular season:
No.6 Buffalo 36-29-17 No.7 Montreal 37-32-13

Season series:
Buffalo, 4-1-1

Power play:
Buffalo 12.9% (19th) Montreal 18.3% (3rd)

Penalty killing:
Buffalo 84.3% (18th) Montreal 84.5% (16th)

The Sabres used their speed to skate around Philly's defense that was big and slow. Now they face a defense that is big and very quick. Hasek wasn't the only reason Buffalo won in the first round, but now he will have to excel. Montreal's old magic seems to have moved to the new arena. The Habs got Saku Koivu back and he is healthy.

Buffalo vs. Montreal
Game 1, 3-2, box score
Game 2, 6-3, box score
Game 3, 5-4, box score
Game 4, 3-1, box score
Buffalo wins series, 4-0

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