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Archived from 1998-99 season.

NHL teams

Being a millionaire in the NHL is not so exclusive as it used to be. This season there are 244 players making $1 million or more.

The top-paid player in the NHL this season is Sergei Fedorov, who is making $14 million or $5 million more than any other player. His salary rose to its current level after Detroit matched a front loaded offer from Carolina that included a $14 million signing bonus.

One place where players are not quite sure if they would still get there money is Pittsburgh. After the Penguins sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the team has repeatedly said that players will be paid. Last Thursday the team met its first payroll of the season after co-owner Roger Marino had lent the team $2.5 million, at 8 percent interest.

"Yes, I got my paycheck and I'm very happy about that," Jaromir Jagr said. "Roger promised that we'd get them, and we got them."

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