NHL Waiver Draft 1997 rules

The National Hockey League today released the rules that will govern this year's Waiver Draft, which will be held on Sunday, Sept. 28, at 8:00 AM PDT.

The draft will follow the rules below:

  • The order of selection is based on the 1996-97 regular season finish; non-playoff clubs will select first, in inverse order of points, followed by playoff clubs, in inverse order of points.
  • The first round will consist of swelections by non-playoff only. After that, all 26 clubs will have the right to claim players.
  • No club may lose more than three players in draft unless it chooses to so offer its players. However, each club's three-player loss limit will increase by the number of draft claims that club makes against other clubs.
  • No club may lose more than one goaltender in the draft unless it chooses to so offer additional goaltenders. Goaltenders will be included in the three-player loss limit described above.
  • The draft will conclude when a round is completed in which no club makes a claim.
  • In the first round, no club may claim from a club in its own division.
  • In all rounds, a club must place a claimed player on its Protected List and remove another player from its Protected List. The club from which the draft claim has been made then has the option of selecting either a cash payment or the player dropped from the Protected List of the claiming club. A player who is dropped from the Protected List cannot be claimed by any playoff club until all non-playoff clubs have had the opportunity to select the dropped player.

Each NHL club must submit a Protected List of 18 skaters and two goaltenders to the League by 4:00 pm ET this afternoon. A copy of each club's list of protected and available players will be released by the NHL on Friday, Sept. 26.

The first round of the draft will proceed as follows:
Boston, San Jose, Los Angeles, Toronto, NY Islanders, Calgary, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Washington, Vancouver.

After that, each subsequent round will proceed in the following order:
Boston, San Jose, Los Angeles, Toronto, NY Islanders, Calgary, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Washington, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Chicago, Edmonton, St. Louis, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, NY Rangers, Florida, Buffalo, Detroit, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Dallas, Colorado.

Below is the list off all players up for selection in Sunday's draft. 

                   PC Drouin (LW)
                                                          Kevin Todd (C)
                   Mike Hurlbut (D)
                                                         Eric Charron (D)
                  Patrice Tardif (C)
                                                          Jim Dowd (C)
                   Mike Bales (G)
                                                        Valeri Karpov (RW)
                  Kevin Brown (RW)
                                                         Ulf Dahlen (RW)
                  Jeff Daniels (LW)
                                                         Kevin Miller (RW)
                  Jason McBain (D)
                                                        Roger Johansson (D)
                  Paul Ranheim (LW)
                                                         Jeff Ricciardi (D)
                 Kevin Smythe (LW)
                                                          Jim Waite (G)
                  Mike Fountain (G)
                   Pat Jablonski (G)
                   Trevor Doyle (D)
                                                         Yves Sarault (LW)
                  Craig Ferguson (C)
                                                        Brent Severyn (LW)
                   Bob Halkidis (D)
                                                         Jason Simon (LW)
                 Francois Groleau (D)
                                                         Peter Douris (RW)
                  Oleg Petrov (RW)
                                                          Tony Hrkac (C)
                                                         Dan Keczmer (D)
                                                        Kevin Sawyer (LW)
                                                         Chris Tancill (LW)
                   NEW JERSEY
                  Bryan Helmer (D)
                                                          Tim Taylor (C)
                 Bobby House (RW)
                  Gordie Kinnear (D)
                 Pascal Rheaume (C)
                   Ken Sutton (D)
                   Peter Zezel (C)
                  NY ISLANDERS
                Vladimir Chebaturkin (D)
                                                        Scott Ferguson (D)
                 Dane Jackson (RW)
                                                          Scott Fraser (C)
                  Chris Luongo (D)
                                                        Ralph Intranuovo (C)
                   Dan Plante (RW)
                                                         Kevin Paden (C)
                   Jim Storm (LW)
                                                        Terry Sandwith (D)
                  Mick Vukota (RW)
                                                          Brad Symes (D)
                                                      Marko Tuomainen (RW)
                   NY RANGERS
                                                         LOS ANGELES
                  Shane Churla (RW)
                                                         Dan Bylsma (LW)
                  Ken Gernander (C)
                                                          Steven Finn (D)
                  Mike Peluso (LW)
                                                        Nathan Lafayette (C)
                 Pierre Sevigny (LW)
                                                        Jaroslav Modry (D)
                  Tim Sweeney (LW)
                                                        Jeff Shevalier (LW)
                 Brent Thompson (D)
                                                          Chris Taylor (C)
                                                         Mark Visheau (D)
                 Derek Armstrong (C)
                                                         Jeff Christian (LW)
                 Clayton Beddoes (C)
                                                         Ted Crowley (D)
                  Tom Chorske (LW)
                                                        Darin Kimble (RW)
                  Phil Crowe (RW)
                                                       Jocelyn Lemieux (RW)
                  Marc Labelle (LW)
                                                         Scott Levins (RW)
                   Frank Musil (D)
                                                          Rob Murray (C)
                  Christer Olsson (D)
                                                        Martin Simard (RW)
                 Andy Schneider (LW)
                                                          John Slaney (D)
                                                          Brad Tiley (D)
                                                           ST. LOUIS
                  Frank Bialowas (D)
                                                       Blair Atcheynum (RW)
                   Jason Bowen (D)
                                                      Alexander Godynyuk (D)
                   Aris Brimanis (D)
                                                         Terry Hollinger (D)
                  Bruce Coles (LW)
                                                       Robert Petrovicky (C)
                  Scott Daniels (LW)
                                                          Terry Virtue (D)
                   Craig Darby (C)
                                                         Terry Yake (RW)
                  John Druce (RW)
                 Dale Hawerchuk (C)
                 Jamie Heward (RW)
                  Patrik Juhlin (RW)
                 Shawn McCosh (C)
                 Jim Montgomery (C)
                   John Stevens (D)
                   Peter White (C)
                    Neil Little (G)
                 Dominic Roussel (G)
                                                           SAN JOSE
                 Josef Beranek (LW)
                                                          Peter Allen (D)
                  Rusty Fitzgerald (C)
                                                       Niklas Andersson (LW)
                   Robert Lang (C)
                                                        Mike Casselman (C)
                 Roman Oksiuta (RW)
                                                         Todd Ewen (RW)
                   Ed Olczyk (LW)
                                                       Barry Potomski (LW)
                  Domenic Pittis (C)
                                                         Jarrod Skalde (C)
                   Ryan Savoia (C)
                                                         Jason Widmer (D)
                 Alek Stojanov (RW)
                                                          Jamie Ram (G)
                  Sergei Voronov (D)
                                                         Kay Whitmore (G)
                  Neil Wilkinson (D)
                   Tyler Wright (C)
                   TAMPA BAY
                 Paul Brousseau (RW)
                                                          Jmie Baker (C)
                  Viktor Ignatiev (D)
                                                        Nick Kypreos (LW)
                   David Shaw (D)
                                                          Matt Martin (D)
                                                        Scott Pearson (LW)
                 Norm Batherson (C)
                                                        David Roberts (LW)
                  Mike Eagles (LW)
                                                         Corey Hirsch (G)
                  David Harlock(D)
                  Kevin Kaminski(C)
                  Todd Krygier (LW)
                  Mark Major (LW)
                 Stewart Malgunas (D)
                   Jeff Nelson (C)
                  Michel Picard (LW)
                   Steve Poapst (D)
               Stephane Beauregard (G)
                  Martin Brochu (G)
                   Mike O'Neill (G)

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