Detroit Red Wings' limo-driver Richard Gnida's driving history:

January 23, 1990: Given a re-examination while still a probationary driver because of an unsatisfactory driving record. He was given a one month suspension and a restricted license for six months.

May 25, 1994: Ticketed in Wayne for operating while impaired. Was given a restricted license from June 2 through November 28, which allowed him to only drive to and from work and to and from the probation office.

June 16, 1994: Ticketed in Southfield for operating while under the influence and unlawful bodily alcohol content. Also ticketed for failing to display a valid license. His license was suspended from July 8, 1994-July 7, 1995.

July 22, 1995: His license was suspended until November 8 for failing to pay the ticket for operating while under the influence. He paid the reinstatement fee on December 6.

November 8, 1995: Ticketed in Wayne for driving while license suspended.

December 2, 1995: Ticketed in Livonia going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone.

January 18, 1996: Given a re-examination and his license was revoked for unsatisfactory driving record and medical review. He was not eligible for review until January 22, 1997.

February 25, 1996: Ticketed in Adrian for driving while license revoked and for going 65 mph in a 55 mph zone.

April 17, 1996: License revoked for an additional year because the Secretary of State's Office had evidence he was driving while his license was revoked. He was not eligible to have his license reinstated until January 22, 1998.

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