It's Playoff Time!

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2002 Playoffs

The grueling 82-game NHL regular season is over and it's time for the real thing. The 2002 Stanley Cup playoffs are here.

Blessed are the 16 teams who made it to the hockey's second season and better luck next time for the 14 unfortunate losers, who will be teeing off soon at a golf course near you.

Big surprises among this year's no-shows in the playoffs are the Washington Capitals and the Dallas Stars. Comical are the big-spending New York Rangers, who failed to make the post-season yet again.

Here are the match-ups for the first round:
Eastern Conference
(1) Boston vs.
(8) Montreal
(2) Philadelphia vs.
(7) Ottawa
(3) Carolina vs.
(6) New Jersey
(4) Toronto vs.
(5) NY Islanders
Western Conference
(1) Detroit vs.
(8) Vancouver
(2) Colorado vs.
(7) Los Angeles
(3) San Jose vs.
(6) Phoenix
(4) St. Louis vs.
(5) Chicago
The Stanley Cup playoffs start Wednesday, April 17th.

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