Isles Strike Again

Archived from 2001-02 season.

2001 NHL Entry Draft

Isles Get Yashin

Just one day after trading for Alexei Yashin, the New York Islanders GM Mike Milbury pulled the trigger again acquiring hold-out center Michael Peca from the Buffalo Sabres.

Isles paid a hefty price for Peca, sending 19-year-old winger Taylor Pyatt and 20-year-old center Tim Connolly to Buffalo. They were the fifth- and eighth-overall selections in the draft just two years ago.

Next thing for Milbury will be to sign Yashin and Peca to new contracts.

"I've not talked to either player as yet, and I know that's not the best scenario to go into with Group II players," said Milbury. "But in the case of these two individuals, both of whom have had to forfeit entire seasons, it's going to make them realize that we need to somehow make a deal, and that's what we intend to do."

"I can't really say I have regrets," Peca said. "Life would be great if you could go through it without having to make tough decisions. And going through this process, I think I had to make a couple of them. But today is a day that made up for it a bit."

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