Berard Returns With Rangers

Archived from 2001-02 season.

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In a one of the most remarkable comebacks of recent history, Brian Berard returned to the ice 1 years after he almost lost his right eye when hit accidentally by Marian Hossa's stick.

"I'm definitely happier now. This is why I'm doing it. I love the game of hockey," Berard said. "I'm ecstatic to be on the ice again and to be in the league."

Berard officially retired in March and was set to receive a $6 million disability insurance payment, but instead worked toward a return. He got a tryout with the New York Rangers last week and signed a four-year, $11.75 million deal Thursday.

"I just have to keep the play in front of me, like you're supposed to anyway," Berard said. "I'm just trying to keep it simple -- the first guy I see wide open give him the puck. That's part of hockey and that's the way it's supposed to be played."

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