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2001 Playoffs

New Jersey vs. Toronto

Tomas Kaberle's controversial goal with 29.4 seconds to play gave Toronto a 3-2 victory over the New Jersey Devils, giving the Maple Leafs a 3-2 lead in the series.

Kaberle scored after Devils defenseman Colin White appeared to knock Toronto's Shayne Corson on top of Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, who was pushed in the back of the net.

"I thought it should count right from the start," Corson said. "I was just going to the net and Colin White cross-checked me into his own goalie. There's nothing I can do. I tried my best to stay out of the crease."

White disagreed with that

"I'm trying to play him off the side and he just kept going," White said. "He didn't try to hold anything back, either. He just fell into Marty."

Andy Van Hellemond, the NHL director of officiating, said referee McCreary's non-call was correct.

"In releasing him, Corson's on one leg, goes over the goalie, and is going over the goalie at the same time the shot is taken and the puck goes into the net," Van Hellemond said.

Brodeur protested the goal arguing with McCreary.

"It's not fun," Brodeur said. "Hopefully, you want to be able to try to see the puck and try to stop the puck. Whatever reason, I was knocked down; it's frustrating when you don't get a chance to even see the pass or the puck coming at you."

Bryan McCabe and Cory Cross also scored for Toronto, while Petr Sykora and Arnott scored for New Jersey.

"We were in the same position last year and we lost the fifth game at home," Kaberle said. "We were trying to win this one and turn it over, which has happened, and now we have the big game at home."

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